Monday, July 26, 2010

Fresh Start soon...

I haven't been able to actually cook or bake anything
due to the fact that my kitchen is currently being
built. You have no idea how exciting that is! I just
wish it would all be done already. It had been a while
since I posted anything because I was getting ready
to get married.. and you ladies know how stressful and
time consuming that is. Now that I'll be back and at it
soon, I'm sure I'll be posting often..if not every day
if I can. It would be awesome if any of you would be
willing to cook with me.. or just watch would
be fun either way. We could work out like.. a recipe of
the week or something like that. Well, I'll be updating you
on how my kitchen is going and we'll go from there. Thanks
for stopping by! Have a happy Monday and a great week!!

- ivette