Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TwD- Blueberry Crumb Cake

Today's recipe was chosen by: Sihan of Befuddlement

First things first... I thought this cake was really good.
I honestly liked it and would probably make it again
using just a little less nutmeg.. I wasn't too crazy 
about that particular flavor.  Other than that 
small detail.. it was fantastic... with coffee as I always
say :)

While making the cake.. I really don't know what 
exactly I was thinking.. that I made the topping 
first.. refrigerated it.. and proceeded to just 
put all of the cake ingredients in the bowl... 
that's not really what the recipe called for.
I was like OMG.. WHAT DID I DO!!!?!?!?
I just totally missed the part where you have to 
add the eggs slowly and the dry ingredients.. and
the buttermilk. Totally missed it. 
There wasn't much I could do at that point so 
I just decided to blend it all together... the batter
got SUPER thick..I thought "that's what I get for
not reading instructions properly" I just kept at it
for a bit more and prayed that it would all be fine.
Well.. my prayers were definitely heard because 
I baked it for about 55 min and LOVED what 
came out of the oven. The cake is simply delicious!
If you haven't tried it yet.. YOU HAVE TO! 

Thanks Sihan for the delicious recipe!

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I'm sure they baked delicious cakes :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

TWD- French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze

This Delicious recipe is brought to us by:

I have to say that I wasn't very happy about 
the lemon thing.But I decided I had to try it 
and ended up loving this cake. 

It's so simple to make.. and has SOOO much 
flavor! I really enjoyed eating it :)   The recipe
is also very easy to make and doesn't ask for any 
hard to find ingredients.. well... it does ask for 
lemon marmalade.. which many people couldn't 
find.. so I like many others, ended up using 
orange marmalade.. which goes fantastic with 
the lemon flavor. The only "tweak" on that was 
that I used 1/4c. of plain yogurt to go with it.. that 
I saw in Ree's blog and it looked and probably 
tasted better than plain marmalade. 

Liliana...thank you for choosing this 
recipe.. I loved it! 

My mother told me to let you know that this 
cake is fantastic. And being the coffee addict 
that I am... it goes great with a cup of coffee 
in the morning :)

My "new" brother in law also liked it a lot.. 
and ate about half of the little cake... jk.. 
maybe a little less.. but I'm glad he enjoyed it . 

Thanks Bere (sis) for helping me with the pics! 

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         And here are some pics to show you some of the steps..enjoy! 


Thanks for visiting!! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TWD- Lemon Cup Custard

Wow... its been a while since I posted. With
my sister's wedding and all, I hardly had any
time for anything! 

This weeks selection was Lemon Cup Custard
and it was chosen by 

I have to say I was a bit skeptical about making 
this one, since a lot of people reported it had an 
eggy flavor to it and not enough lemon. 

Since I don't really care for lemon flavor I chose 
to make a vanilla-cinnamon flavored custard 
instead. I used a lime to decorate it.. but 
that was it. I really enjoyed the flan texture and
realized that it would have been much better had
I added some sugar caramel at the bottom before 
baking the custard. It was a little blah.. but it wasn't 
so bad. 
The recipe was very easy to make.. and I was thankful
I didn't have to go out and buy weird or hard to find 
ingredients. Great pick Bridget!!

You can find this recipe HERE. Please don't forget to 
check out all the TWD blogs!!