Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TwD- Banana Cream Pie

This week's recipe was chosen for us by: 

I have to say that I had been waiting for this recipe for 
a VERY long time. I know I could have made it before
but... I don't know why I never did.

The recipe itself is very simple and consists of pretty
much basic ingredients. If you have not tried this...
TODAY is the day! 

I only have one question.. maybe its a dumb question..
but just like they would tell me in high school "the only
dumb question is the one NOT asked"... so I'll believe
it's true and ask.
Why is it called banana cream pie... if the cream doesn't
even taste like banana? Don't get me wrong.. I LOVED 
the pie... but I guess I was hoping for something with 
more banana flavor. Just wondering....

Back to the great pie... I was unable to get a good 
photograph of the delicious pie, simply because I was 
too lazy to make the pie crust that the recipe called for.
I know.. I know.. I could have bought it.. BUT... I also
love the way banana pudding tastes with vanilla wafers
so I decided to make a wafer crust..yay! Well... maybe
I just didn't let the poor pie rest enough... or at all!
As soon as I finished assembling it I started taking pics.
So when I decided that it was time to cut the slice to 
photograph it...my slice just kinda.. disintegrated.. or 
something.. the point is that I just couldn't manage to 
get it all in one piece.. especially with the crumbly crust.
I'm guessing that if I had refrigerated it I would have had
no problem but I was trying to get the last rays of sun
for my photographs. 
I really don't think I even need a good picture for this 
pie though... for those who made it...you know that 
no matter what it looks like, it tastes incredible...
right? right? .. Yeah.. maybe I'm just trying to make 
myself feel better.. 

Like I said... if you haven't made this pie... GO NOW!!!
You can find the recipe HERE

Please visit all the other TWD blogger's blogs for amazing
pics and different pie versions :)



Jessica said...

I really thought that there would be mashed bananas in the pastry cream and that's why it's banana cream pie so I second you on your question. But, as I don't like bananas it ended up being a good thing for me. Your pie looks absolutely wonderful.

Teanna said...

This pie seriously was awesome! I love that you made a wafer crust!!!

Kimberly Johnson said...

Your pie looks fantastic! I loved the taste too.

SiHaN said...

The pie looks gorgeous.. don't fret my lady! and wafer crust.. sounds pretty good to me as well!

chocolatechic said...

Wonderful pie.

I have no clue why a banana cream pie doesn't really taste of bananas

farah said...

Your pie looks very, very yummy! I really liked this, so glad you did too :)

Liz said...

Good question! I blending some mashed bananas into the pastry cream would be delicious--next time, next time. Your pie looks great--I love the look of the whipped cream on top!

Amy said...

Seriously good-looking pie!! Great pics! Thanks for baking with me this week!


Jennifer said...

Hmm.. I kinda pondered the same thing, but thought it was just me!

I also wonder if mashed banana in the pastry cream would work? Or maybe roasted bananas might be good.

Heather said...

I think more bananas would be good.

Gabe's Girl said...

Hey, your pie look pretty. Really nice. You could always boost the banana flavor by adding banana extract into the cream or topping or both.
I like the way you added your topping. I love the "spackled" look. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your pie looks awesome. I love the crust.

Cathy said...

Love this with the nilla wafer crust! I find regular pie crust to be a hassle, and I think I'd like this better with a crumb crust of some kind anyway.

Tracey said...

Glad you enjoyed the pie so much! I bet it was fantastic with a wafer crust!

TeaLady said...

Well, it looks delicious. One of the TWD gang mentioned blending some bananas into the cream. Might work. Great job.

Rebecca said...

Wafer crusts rule.

I had to freeze my pie to get a decent slice photo. The first one I did just fell apart.

Pamela said...

I think a nilla wafer crust is a great idea for this pie. Yours looks fabulous!

Annette said...

It looks good to me! Nice job!

from my motorhome to yours said...

just fount your blog, the pictures and food look inviting!

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Anne said...

Your banana cream pie is stunning and I can't wait to see more coming out of your kitchen!