Friday, January 2, 2009

The Cover cake.. again!

Well... like I said I was gonna make the cover 
cake from Dorie Greenspan: From My Home
To Yours I tried it again. This time I think I 
got WAY better results than the first try. It 
was also much easier to assemble than last 
time I guess because I actually waited for the 
cake to be completely cool and so it worked 
better for me. 

I took this cake to a New Year's eve get together 
and everyone seemed to like it very much which
was very rewarding. I wish the lighting would have 
been better but I think you can still appreciate 
the cake. Enjoy the pics and I wish everyone a 
Happy New Year! 


Ruth said...

Your cake looks delicious! Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Ohh yum. Your cake looks absolutely divine!
Mel -

Danielle said...

I so want to try the cover cake just havent gotten the courage to try it! Yours looks great!

Maris said...

This picture makes me want to run out and get the cookbook!