Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No baking this week! :(

Just want to let everyone know the reasons I wasn't
able to post this week... I guess the first and biggest 
reason of all is the fact that I will be the maid of honor 
in my sister's wedding.. and if you've been a maid of 
honor... you probably know that the last month is the 
"worst" not in a bad way of course. I've been pretty busy
helping out with the last details and things like that, 
that have kept me so busy and out of the kitchen. I do 
expect to post for next week though... I tend to leave 
things to the last minute.. which is often a big mistake..
so I plan.. hopefully... to make next week's recipe in 
advance. Well... I hope every one's recipe came out good! 
Please don't forget to visit the other TWD member blogs
With that said... hope everyone has a great weekend and
see you again Tuesday. 

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