Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TwD- French Pear Tart

I'm super excited about this post for two
very good reasons.
The first reason I'm very excited is due
to the fact that this is my first challenge
as a TwD member. I am so happy to be a part
of this baking world I didn't know was out there.
My passion has always been baking but I never
thought that food blogs, forums, and
baking groups even existed.
The second reason for my excitement is that
this challenge was picked by Dorie Greenspan
herself! I really tried my best at creating
this delicious recipe. I think its one of the
best deserts I have tasted yet. I know that
I will probably be thinking the same for every
recipe since sweets are my thing.

I had a really fun time trying out this recipe and
was happy with the outcome. I will be honest and
say that I really wanted it to look better.. but
the flavor just didn't disappoint. I loved the
texture of the crust, it was so soft. And I really
enjoyed the almond flavor with the pears. I glazed
it with the apple jelly and it was delicious!
I still can't get over the crust's chewy texture
with the almond cream.. its was simply the best.
Well... I hope you'll enjoy the pics!!


Danielle said...

I would be happy just eating the almond cream and the crust they were they best part!
I am glad you liked it as well. I think I will make it again maybe using apples!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to TWD! I loved the almond cream and the crust too!

chocolatechic said...

This was such a fabulous tart.

I could have eaten the entire thing.

Welcome to TWD.

Lynnylu said...

Welcome to TWD! What a great recipe to start off with. Yours looks really great!

spike. said...

Glad you liked the tart, welcome to TWD!