Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TWD- World Peace Cookies

The recipe for this week was chosen by Jessica of 
cookbookhabit. Great pick by the way! 

The recipe for this week was fairly easy... and with the busy 
agenda that I had, it gave me just enough time since it 
was quick and easy.I have to say though that I am not a very 
big fan of chocolate. I willeat it, but that's if I have a big c
raving for it. I did think that the cookies were just a little 
bit too chocolaty for me.. but they had a good taste. I was 
tempted to leave them baking for a bit more than the recipe 
called for but then remembered that the book said they 
would look a bit undercooked. After they cooled down 
though, they held their shape better. The cookies were 
super moist which was one thing I did love about them. 
I took a bite after they had completely cooled down and 
the chocolate oozed from inside of it.. 
it was pretty cool. I'm guessing that if it had been a 
chocolate chip cookie it would have been better for me 
since they have less chocolate but don't get me wrong, 
they taste great! I actually only baked one roll.. the 
other one is waiting in thefridge. I had no problem 
shaping the roll since the dough came together fairly 
easy. I almost forgot to incorporate the chopped chocolate 
because I was being careful not to over work the dough 
but in the end they came together fine. I made the dough 
a day before I made the cookies and left it in the fridge to 
rest. The next day I took it out and it was pretty solid and 
it made the cutting a lot easier although they did crumble 
just a bit. Even if I'm not a chocolate lover I did think the 
cookies were good. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their cookies and don't forget 
to check out the other TWD blogs!

Sorry for offending any chocolate lovers out there by 
saying they were too chocolaty, I'm just not the biggest 
fan of chocolate :) 


Danielle said...

Your cookies look great good job!

Teanna said...

I absolutely loved these as well! Your cookies look so delicious!

chocolatechic said...

To chocolaty?

Say it ain't so.

We just loved these cookies.

Jennifer said...

Wow, "too chocolate-y?" I think I'd be a lot thinner if these tasted too chocolate-y, LOL.

Secret Server said...

They look beautiful. I like your pictures.

steph- whisk/spoon said...

no offence taken--you can send your extra cookies my way! they look great!

Joy said...

Great pictures! I love the light on the first especially. Very nice!

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

No offense taken! LOL They look very pretty all stacked up!

Katrina said...

To each his own with the chocolate. Way to make them anyway and actually like them. I love how thick yours are!

Jessica said...

I don't think that you offended any chocolate lovers (I'm speaking as a hard-core chocolate lover). If anything, the fact that you liked these cookies even though they are super chocolaty means that there's hope!

Clivia said...

Good for you for baking and tasting them! The salt should cut the chocolate taste a bit. Your stacked cookie pictures are great.

Babette said...

What is this "too chocolatey" you speak of???

You must be speaking a language I don't understand!

Sweet as Coco said...

Love your pictures. Glad you liked them even though you aren't quite a chocolate lover!

Jodie said...

What! Too chocolatey? Nonsense! :) They look great!

Cathy said...

Okay, okay, no offense taken. Actually, I have a hubby who doesn't eat chocolate, and while I will never understand it, I like you non-chocolate lovers anyway. Your cookies look perfect!

BAKE-EN said...

Wow, I wish I wasn't a huge fan of chocolate. I would have to spend a lot less time at the gym :)

Pamela said...

Great pictures. And we are all entitled to our own opinions, right? Fabulous job!

SUGAR B said...

Hi Ivette!

OMG, your blog is adorable. I love the colors!

Your cookies look awesome as well.

Thanks for visiting me! :)

margot said...

Your cookies look great. I'm sure you won't have trouble getting other people to finish them for you if it's too much chocolate for you.

Liz said...

As a chocolate lover, I'm not offended, but I am perplexed. You don't...love...chocolate? What does that MEAN? :) But I'm glad that you enjoyed them all the same.

Di said...

Your cookies look yummy. =)

TeaLady said...

Too chocolatey!!! NEVER!!! But yours look yummy!

Annette said...

Your cookies look delicious! "Too chocolatey" is not a phrase I'm familiar with. ;)

Satisfying my Sweet Tooth said...

These look really good. I'm going to try with just chocolate next time. I loved them too!

LyB said...

I don't think that I could ever find anything too chocolaty, but, it is all a matter of taste. :) Your cookies look fantastic.