Monday, March 16, 2009

TWD- French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze

This Delicious recipe is brought to us by:

I have to say that I wasn't very happy about 
the lemon thing.But I decided I had to try it 
and ended up loving this cake. 

It's so simple to make.. and has SOOO much 
flavor! I really enjoyed eating it :)   The recipe
is also very easy to make and doesn't ask for any 
hard to find ingredients.. well... it does ask for 
lemon marmalade.. which many people couldn't 
find.. so I like many others, ended up using 
orange marmalade.. which goes fantastic with 
the lemon flavor. The only "tweak" on that was 
that I used 1/4c. of plain yogurt to go with it.. that 
I saw in Ree's blog and it looked and probably 
tasted better than plain marmalade. 

Liliana...thank you for choosing this 
recipe.. I loved it! 

My mother told me to let you know that this 
cake is fantastic. And being the coffee addict 
that I am... it goes great with a cup of coffee 
in the morning :)

My "new" brother in law also liked it a lot.. 
and ate about half of the little cake... jk.. 
maybe a little less.. but I'm glad he enjoyed it . 

Thanks Bere (sis) for helping me with the pics! 

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         And here are some pics to show you some of the steps..enjoy! 


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HoneyB said...

Great presentation!

Amanda said...

Beautiful! I LOVED this cake, it smelled so good while cooking and tasted wonderful :) I paired it with simple lemon curd. YUM!

Jennifer said...

Your cake looks amazing!

chocolatechic said...

I love the look of your glaze.

Jennifer said...

I really loved this cake, too, and will definitely make it again.
(BTW, your photos are great!)

Anonymous said...

Your cake looks wonderful. i loved this recipe it was so deliciously easy.

emily said...

Love your blog! This cake looks amazing. I have some marmalade in my fridge waiting to be used... I might have to try it on this!

Flourchild said...

Great pictures.. YOur cake looks so tasty!

Heather said...

What a pretty cake you have made! I like the idea of the yoghurt glaze.

Anonymous said...

SO pretty!! :) And I love your blog layout!

vibi said...

First time here, and I must admit I love the freshness of your blog! WOW!

...and of course, your cake looks wonderful! Bravo, Ivette!

Pamela said...

It looks gorgeous! It's great that you ended up enjoying it so much.

Linda said...

Your cake turned out beautifully! Thanks for the hint adding yogurt to the glaze...I'm definitely going to try that next time.

Katrina said...

Awesome! Looks de-lish!

Bria said...

Glad you ended up loving the cake- it really is delicious! On a side note... I absolutely love your header on your webpage- very cute!

margot said...

Your cake looks beautiful! I agree that it's a great breakfast.

TourGuideJenn said...

Ah - that's how you get the action shots -- get the sister to help with the camera work. It all looks great. Nice work!

Jessica said...

Great pictures and a great post. I love the yogurt marmalade glaze that you put on top and the whole cake just looks scrumptious!

TeaLady said...

Great cake. Love the pics.

Gabe's Girl said...

Nice cake baking there, girlie! Next time, leave out the lemon. I am going to have to, since my hubby is not a lemon flavor fan! I think this would be a great breakfast, especially with coffee!

Teanna said...

Ha! What a great mom! Your cake does look absolutely gorgeous!

Jaime said...

your yogurt cake looks fabulous!

beach houses said...

yogurt cake looks so delicious..

Anonymous said...

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