Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TWD- Lemon Cup Custard

Wow... its been a while since I posted. With
my sister's wedding and all, I hardly had any
time for anything! 

This weeks selection was Lemon Cup Custard
and it was chosen by 

I have to say I was a bit skeptical about making 
this one, since a lot of people reported it had an 
eggy flavor to it and not enough lemon. 

Since I don't really care for lemon flavor I chose 
to make a vanilla-cinnamon flavored custard 
instead. I used a lime to decorate it.. but 
that was it. I really enjoyed the flan texture and
realized that it would have been much better had
I added some sugar caramel at the bottom before 
baking the custard. It was a little blah.. but it wasn't 
so bad. 
The recipe was very easy to make.. and I was thankful
I didn't have to go out and buy weird or hard to find 
ingredients. Great pick Bridget!!

You can find this recipe HERE. Please don't forget to 
check out all the TWD blogs!!


Anonymous said...

Your custards look gorgeous. The flavor combo of vanilla cinnamon sounds yummy.

Jennifer said...

hmm.. vanilla and cinnamon, that does sound good!

Clivia said...

Yours looks yummy. You're right, adding a carmelized sugar would have been great.Good work!

Heather said...

Just love the way the flan came out - it's just the right color and texture. Good job!

Judy said...

Your flavor version sounds delicious, and I like the lime garnish you used.

karen said...

the vanilla cinnamon combo sounds good. i'm glad it worked out because i do think this would be good with different flavors, just not with the lemon so much.

Jessica said...

Vanilla and cinnamon sounds fantastic! Did you steep a cinnamon stick or use ground cinnamon? I really wanted to try the cinnamon option but I didn't have any cinnamon sticks and I was scared to use ground cinnamon. I love the lime slice on top too!

Cathy said...

Love your flavor combo and your photo styling -- it is beautiful! It was nice to make a recipe that only contained a handful of ingredients for a change! You did a great job!

Megan said...

I think vanilla would definitely be the way to go for this. I mean, it wasn't bad, just ok.

Emily Rose said...

your custard turned out beautifully! Vanilla cinnamon sounds great- even though I'm not a custard fan, I had to agree with you about how easy this recipe is!

Andrea said...

Your custard looks perfect! I love that you did cinnamon vanilla, can't go wrong with that combo, and the lime on top tops it off just right :) Sorry you weren't a big fan of this week's recipe, I think a lot of the bakers had the same reaction.

Flourchild said...

I love your choice of flavors...great job!

TourGuideJenn said...

Your custard looks very pretty. I love how the background matches your blog colors!

I really liked the lemon, but will have to give the cinnamon-vanilla a try.

Jacque said...

It's nice to have a simple recipe every now and then. Sometimes I look at a recipe and think, "ugh, I'm just not up to it"!

But anyway, your custard sure looks pretty and lemony.

Teanna said...

So beautiful! I think the cinnamon and vanilla is the perfect combo (and one of the best, IMHO!)

TeaLady said...

Vanilla and cinnamon - always a good combination. Yours look great.

farah said...

Your custard looks really good! I didn't go for lemon either, i made mine with vanilla and almond extracts.

Cakelaw said...

What gorgeous photos Ivette - they'd entice me to eat it any day.

Anonymous said...


just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.