Sunday, December 14, 2008

The COVER cake!

Well... I was wondering what I should bake next, and decided 
that the cover cake from Dorie Greenspan's book: 
From My Home to Yours looked absolutely delicious. I really 
didn't know how much trouble I would be getting myself 
into. I started off with the cake.. which was pretty easy 
I just needed to gather up a few missing ingredients but 
that was ok. So.. my cake was baking and about 8 min. till 
it was done I started making the frosting. NOW that's 
where the adventure starts. 

So I started with the sugars and water and I got them
to the boiling point so I started with the egg whites. 
To be totally honest I didn't have a candy thermometer, 
I had a meat thermometer so I was guiding myself with 
that but some how the candy didn't reach the desired 
temperature and only reached about 216 degrees F. I 
was like.. wellI'm sure it will still work so I added to my 
already at the moment whisking egg whites andwished 
for the best of the best of the best. Well.. bad decision. 
I whisked and whisked or maybe needed to whisk some 
more but it came out very frothy and I just didn't know 
what to do after that point so I just decided  to use the 
"frosting" as is. So I began to assemble my cake and 
frosting it. It just didn't hold the shape that I wanted 
for it but I guess it tasted pretty good. It is totally 
chocolaty and let me tell you chocolate isn't my favorite 
on the list.. but I'll eat it whenever I have a craving for it. 

The cake is super delicious and although unfortunately 
the frosting didn't get to the desired point its still ok. 


After I was done with the cake I had a lot of left over frosting... 
frothy frosting so I started to figure out what to do to make it 
better. I decided to add a few table spoonsof Light Corn Syrup. 
CHA CHING!! I started whisking again for about 3 min and it 
totallychanged the consistency of it. It became the marshmallow 
frosting that I should have ended up with in the first place.. 
but unfortunately was too late to add to the cake. 
Well.. that's why I'm here and that's why baking is an 
adventure. It not only creates delicious recipes but also
 lets you grow in the process. For next time... this cake 
will be the best of the best. I still have other cakes in mind
that are in the book... but I think I'll rest for a bit. My next 
adventure I think will be the LINZER Sable cookies with 
the jam in the middle. I don't think they'll be too hard
to make.. but HEY... one never knows how its gonna go till its goin'. 
Feel free to ask any questions! 

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